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Audi-VW Airbag Reset Tool (please find it as CARPROG software)

Audi-VW Airbag Reset Tool (please find it as CARPROG software)

Product Information

Audi-VW Airbag Reset Tool is replaced by CarProg VAG Airbag Tool

How Audi-VW Airbag Reset Toot works: All Audi-VW airbag systems after car crash and airbag deployment are locked. Even after small accident Airbag sensor will write in internal memory special error message "crash data stored" and after you need to exchange very expensive sensor to new one. With our Audi-VW Airbag Reset Tool you can reset and repair airbag computer in your office in 1 minute. No need to remove airbag sensor from the car. Fully automatic sensor type recognizing. 

Audi-VW Airbag Reset Tool works without additional computer and thought car OBD II connector can erase airbag sensor "crash data" or only fault memory. 



Works with all VW/Audi airbag sensors to year 2003:

  • AUDI A4, A6, A8 1994-1997:  Airbag V BOSCH: 8A0 959 655 C (Bosch 0 285 001 038), 8A0 959 655 K (Bosch 0 285 001 155), 8A0 959 655 K (Bosch 0 285 001 151) - Crash data erase, Fault erase;
  • AUDI A3, A4, A6, A8 <1999 : Airbag  7 BOSCH - 4B0 959 655 C, 4B0 959 655 J, 4D0 959 655 C, 4D0 959 655 H, 8D0 959 655 C, 8D0 959 655 L, 8L0 959 655 F - all Bosch Airbag 7 - Crash data erase, Fault erase;
  • Audi A2, A3, A4, A6, A8 - 1999< : Airbag 8 BOSCH - Crash data erase, Fault erase (can erase "Controller Malfunction");
  • VW - Golf III, Passat B4, Sharan:  1J0 909 603 SIEMENS - Crash data erase, Fault erase;
  • VW - Golf IV, Passat B5:  1J0 909 609, 1J0 909 607 - SIEMENS - Crash data erase, Fault erase;
  • VW - Golf IV, Passat B5: 3B0 959 655 B, 8L0 959 655 A - all BOSCH - Crash data erase, Fault erase;
  • VW - Golf IV, Passat B5, Sharan:  6Q0 909 605 A, 6Q0 909 605 B - SIEMENS - Crash data erase, Fault erase;
  • VW - Golf IV, Passat B5, Sharan:  1C0 909 605 C, 1C0 909 605 F, 1C0 909 605 H,  6Q0 909 605 C - SIEMENS - Crash data erase, Fault erase;\VW - Passat B6 2001-2004: new SIEMENS VW5, VW51, VW61 - Crash data erase, Fault erase;
  • Skoda, Seat all SIEMENS - Crash data erase, Fault erase;
  • Now support new Audi airbag sensors 1999-2002 DTC65535 (Controller Malfunction) erase by OBDII connector. Works with all sensor types:
  • 8L0 959 655 G (Bosch 0 285 001 352) and others with HC12 processor;
  • 4D0 959 655 J  (Bosch 0 285 001 266), 8D0 959 655 J  (Bosch 0 285 001 276), 8D0 959 655 F  (Bosch 0 285 001 270),  8D0 959 655 M and others with National CR16 (44 PLCC);



 Airbag sensor from VW-Audi (A3, A4, A6, A8 2002-2005, Touareg) now can by repaired - you can read and write airbag sensor internal CR16 (80 QFP) EEPROM memory by diagnostic OBDII connector. WinXP software works with Airbag Reset Tool hardware. Now you can easy erase "crash data", "Controller malfunction" (DTC 65535) and repair airbag sensor. Works with all VW-Audi airbag sensors with National CR16 (80 pin QFP) inside.

How to use this update? New Audi and VW cars airbag sensors have many different software versions. First we planed to release VW-Audi Airbag Reset Tool update with automatic "crash data" erase, but after many customers questions about new cars airbag repair, we release CR16 programmer by OBDII connector. For Read/Write VW-Audi airbag sensors CR16 internal EEPROM, you need to short processor pin 13 to GND. 



After shorting you can read and save airbag sensor internal EEPROM backup or program this sensor memory by OBDII connector. In this way you can read memory from good airbag sensor and write this file to damaged sensor and repair it. Works also for Ford with CR16 (80 pin) airbags.

Download latest software 23 March 2005


Very simple user instruction: connect this tool to Audi/VW car OBD II connector. Left red button near to yellow light diode is for airbag "crash data" erase. Push this button once and wait: yellow light start to flash and after 15 second green light inform you that "crash data" is erased. Red light set ON if erasing is not successful. Right red button (near to red light diode) is for erase airbag "fault memory" or "errors". If airbag warning lamp go OFF and immediately ON, evaluate airbag "error memory" using any VW-Audi diagnostic equipment and repair.


Product Code: VWAIR


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