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S2.8 Infineon Aurix TC222 TC223 TC2xx processors programmer

S2.8 Infineon Aurix TC222 TC223 TC2xx processors  programmer

Product Information

Supported processors:
Infineon Tricore Aurix processors: TC222, TC223. Others Aurix TC2xx processors not tested.

Infineon Tricore TC2xx programming with CarProg A10 adapter pinouts: 

A10 Brown   - TCxx VSSM pin (GND)
A10 Violet     - to ECU
 external power pin (+12V - power supply must be connected to CarProg)
A10 Green    - 
TCxx P14.1 pin
A10 Yellow   - 
TCxx P14.0 pin
A10 Blue       - 
TCxx RESET pin
Short to GND  - 
TCxx P14.3 (lift pin from PCB), P10.5, P10.6 pins

If you programming SRS Airbag module  - don't reverse the module! Airbag sensor must be in same orientation like in car!
Need to add +12V power supply to airbag sensor or connect A10 violet vire and external power to CarProg.

Ford JL1T-14B321-BB programming with CarProg:


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