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Tech Support

Low-frequency Receiver Inductor For Car Smart key 3D15-722J

Low-frequency Receiver Inductor For Car Smart key 3D15-722J

Product Information

Automobile PKE Low-frequency Receiver Inductor PEPS Keyless Entry Inductance Coil For Car Smart key 3D15-722J (Frequency:125KHZ)

Small 3D coil version designed to achieve a very good electrical performance in the smallest dimensions.

Keyless entry systems is a typical application for this coil, the isotropy is often sought in RF antenna. In transponder applications,this feature has been achieved by thecombination of 3 single coils oriented in the 3 space axis with the aim of covering the maximum space orientation. This small size 3D coil offers the possibility of assembly in single component 3 coils with full functionality, thus reducing cost, saving PCB space and increasing the circuit reliability.

17.5x16x4 mm.
Very good electrical performance.
High stability in temperature (-40 oC to +125 oC).
The inductivity in each axis can be customized to achieve customer requirements.
Designs at lower frequencies like 20 kHz and 40 kHz show a very good electrical performance as well.
High sensitivity values.
Automotive Passive keyless entry systems.
Automotive RTPMS with wake up functions.
Industrial logistics and control.
Access control.
Tracking devices.

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Product Code: 3D15-722J
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