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Tech Support

SCB56374AEB - 1L60W DSP processor for Mazda Bose amplifier repair

SCB56374AEB - 1L60W DSP processor for Mazda Bose amplifier repair

Product Information
Programmed and ready for use. If this IC is very hot when amplifier is connected - you need to exchange it.
SCB56374 - 1L60W automotive IC chip QFP-52

DSP processor used for MAZDA 3 & 6 CX5 R8 2009-2013 BOSE AMPLIFIER REPAIR. 

Found in these BOSE amplifier:
- GDL1 66 A20 , GDL166A20
- F190 66 920 , F19066920
- GSE1 66 A20 , GSE166A20
- GAN6 66 920A , GAN666920A
- BBM2 66 A20 , BBM266A20
- BBM4 66 A20 , BBM466A20
- GS1E 66 920A , GS1E66920A
and others

This IC possibly is defective when is:

- no sound; - loud noise through speakers;
This is only repair recomendations!  Be sure that you buying chip exactly that you need! 
These IC also can cause the same defects:

Price: €24.00

Product Code: SCB56374
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