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Tech Support
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Immobiliser emulator for RENAULT

Immobiliser emulator for RENAULT

Product Information


Immobiliser emulator for 
RENAULT - useful in the case of immobiliser unit malfunction.


After decoding of Renault injection computer using our RENAULT RESET TOOL or by entering security code, in most cases you can start engine, but some of injection computers can not operate without immobiliser code stored in their memory. Diesel EDC15C3, DCU3R and MSA15, petrol SIRIUS32 (except these for 1.4L engine) and FENIX5 for 2.0L 16V engine require working unlocked (with good key) immobiliser unit or our Renault immobiliser emulator. Include connection manual. Use together with RENAULT RESET TOOL.

Price: €50.00/€15.00

Product Code: RENEMU
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