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SPEEDSTOP - KM freeze for Mercedes W213, W222 facelift

SPEEDSTOP - KM freeze for Mercedes W213, W222 facelift

Product Information

For Mercedes W213 testing. While car drive test is possible to stop (freeze) odometer counting. 

Plug and Play device with easiest connection way possible, no soldering is required in the installation process.

Instalation is simmilar to W222 instalation - look this video: 

Now is better unscrew 3 bolts and remove cluster - will be more easy install SPEEDSTOP. Install SPEDDSTOP according pict

Using SPEEDSTOP on W213:

  For SPEEDSTOP activation press quickly 3 time Return/Home button on steering wheel: 
  ---> Push 3x Return button = Odometer freeze, Speedometer show 0 ---> 
Push 3x Return button = Odometer turn 2 time slower, Speedometer show half of speed ---> Push 3x Return button = back to normal mode.
  After Ignition OFF/ON SPEEDSTOP keeps selected working mode.


Price: 190.00

Product Code: SPEEDSTOPW213
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