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Tech Support
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The pack of 10 pcs of Immobiliser emulator for AUDI-VW VWEMU

The pack of 10 pcs of Immobiliser emulator for AUDI-VW VWEMU

Product Information

The pack of 10 pcs of AUDI-VW immobiliser emulator

Can emulate good working immobiliser for any VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda engine control unit (including diesel pumps) to year 2000 (all kind of IMMO1 and IMMO2). This tool can by useful for car tuning specialist, when new type motor are installed in old vehicle and you need disable original immobiliser function in engine ECU.

Can replace defective immobiliser unit (very common problem in older cars) on VW Golf III, Passat B4-B5 to year 2000 , Sharan 1996 - 2001, T4, T5 to year 2000, Seat to year 2001, Skoda to year 2001 



Connection: only 3 wires - +12V, GND and K-line.

Price: €300.00/€100.00

Product Code: VWPACK
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