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Universal Car Radio Code Calculator CC2

Universal Car Radio Code Calculator CC2

Product Information


Chrysler radio code calculator, All "JUMP" coded radios calculator



For Alpine,  Blaupunkt, Volvo, Toyota calculator,Hiunday Serial


Download (for buyers only from Support page)



Can calculate code for:

  • Chrysler car radios by serial number (without letters) ;
  •  Hiunday radios code without removing from car;
  • Toyota and Lexus radios without removing from car;
  • Acura with "jump" coding: CM6913, CM3919, CM3929, CM6504;
  • Porshe CD-10;
  • Mercedes Benz made in Japan: CM2191, CM2129, CM2197;
  • BMW made in Japan: CM5903, CM5905, CM5907;
  • Saab CM80-1;
  • Jaguar DBC6437, 9100R, 9200W;
  • Blaupunkt all USA models with "jump" coding: Daytona CR42, Limited 1280 and many others;
  • Clarion all models with "jump" or diodes coding: calculation by "jump" or diodes setting;
  • Haitai;
  • Nissan;
  • Volvo - all radios with "diodes" coding: from CR-601 to CR-906;


Small Chrysler code calculation from serial help: 


for ex . you have for decode Chrysler radio P04704345 like in picture. First select number of presset buttons - on this radio are "6" . Now in calculator enter last 5 serial number digits - 92703 and calculate security code.


Always in stock. Discounts for big quantities

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Product Code: CC2
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jaber mustafa  

2009-06-28 08:06

thank you
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