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Renault immo code calculator

Renault immo code calculator

Product Information

Renault immobiliser system is based on unique security code stored in each immobiliser related part: engine control unit, immobilizer control unit and the key. If you have any problem with Renault immobilizer - lost key, desynchronized keyfob - you will need immobiliser security code to repair all car electronic system and start the vehicle. Usually this code you can order from Renault dealer, but this could take too many time. You can solve this problem by yourself with Renault Immobilizer Security Code Calculator.

This calculator deal with most immobilizer systems produced in range of year 1994-2002. It perform security code calculation from the label inside the ignition key and from immobilizer EEPROM dump as well.

  • Security code calculation by label inside the key (all known types)
  • Security code calculation from immobilizer control unit EEPROM dump (more than 10 types supported). Includes also calculation from MEGANE/SCENIC interconnection unit UCBIC microcontroller and ESPACE interconnection unit BII microcontroller dumps.
  • Renault MEGANE/SCENIC from year 1999 with UCH immobiliser - 8 digit key programming code calculation from microcontroller file.


Upgrade by Internet.


More information about Renault immobiliser systems you can find in these documents:

  • Information about RENAULT IMMO KEY programming: 
  • Renault immobilizer systems summary: 

  • Latest CCR program:                       and CCR manual:     

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