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BMW Logic7, BM54 amplifier "no sound" repair kit

BMW Logic7, BM54 amplifier "no sound" repair kit

Product Information

Electronic amplifier board with original high power, 4xchannel chip TDA7560 for BMW BM54 or Logic 7 amplifier repair

The usual problem with these amplifier units is that one or more of the output amplifier fail, resulting in no sound in one or more channels.
Problem is that this amlifier circuit is no possible to exchange - IC is made by hybrid technology and assembled on PCB.
We developed a kit that replaces  power amplifier part of the unit, and disconnects the old power amp part of the circuit.

This can be used on any BM54, ASK or Logic 7 older revision unit with hybrid amplifier IC :

BMW 3, 5 and 7 series, plus X3 X5 Z4 (E46, M3, E39, E38, E83, E53, E85) 
Some Rover 75 (Connoisseur SE), MG ZT
Range Rover (L322 2003 to 2005) 
Some MINI.

BM54KIT from codecard.eu instalation instructions:

- Break 8 tracks in the original circuit board with a craft knife or dremel cutter (cut line marked in yellow on Picture 1);
- Solder 14 cables to original BMW amplifier board (Soldering points is marked on Picture 2). On Picture 1 you can see Hybrid amplifier pinout - if BM54 PCB is different as in Picture 2, use Picture 1 for reference.;
- Drill 2 new holes in the amplifier casing; 
- Screw new amplifier to the inside of the case;
- Solder 14 cables to BM54KIT board;




BM54KIT specifications: 
Superior output power capability: 
- 4 x 51W/4Ω max
- 4 x 30W/4Ω @ 14.4v, 1KHz, 10%
- 4 x 80W/2Ω max
- 4 x 55W/2Ω @ 14.4v, 1KHz, 10%
- MOSFET output power stage
- Excellect 2Ω driving capability
- Hi-Fi class distortion
- Low output noise
- Automute at at min. supply voltage detection
- Protections: output short circuit to GND, to VS, across
the load, reversed battery, ESD

Price: €53.00 (without VAT)

Product Code: BM54KIT

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