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Carprog Manual

Tech Support

Tech Support
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S2.10 - Renesas RL78 R5F10Dxxx R5F10Cxxx processors data flash programmer

S2.10 -  Renesas RL78 R5F10Dxxx R5F10Cxxx processors data flash programmer

Product Information

Using CarProg RL78 processors programming software you can read/write secured processor Dflash data flash.  Code flash programming is not supported 

Supported processors:

R5F10Dxxx R5F10Cxxx R5F10DPJJ  R5F10CMEL R5F10DLDL 10DGDJ R5F10DGDJ  R5F10DMGJ  R5F10TPJL  R5F10DLDJ and others
Supported instrument cluster programming:

  • Yamaha MT125 - odometer programming;
  • Vespa Primavera 50cc 2016 - odometer programming;
  • Suzuki Access 125 - odometer programming;
  • TVS Star City Plus - odometer programming;
  • TVS Victor 2017 - odometer programming;
  • Bajaj Pulsar 2017 - odometer programming;
  • Hero Passion Pro - odometer programming;
  • Honda XF331 - odometer programming;
  • Mahindra KUV100 - odometer programming;
  • JAC J3 - odometer programming;
  • and others ...

Renesas RL78 programming with CarProg A14 adapter pinouts: 

A14  Brown    - R5F1 VSS pin (GND)
A14  Red      - R5F1 VCC pin (+3.3V)
A14  Yellow   - R5F1 TOOL0 pin
A14  Blue      - R5F1 RESET pin


You can order additional CARPROG softwares and adapters:
A14 - CarProg Renesas V850E2, RL78 programming adapter +(€30.00)

Price: €240.00

Product Code: S2.10
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