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Tech Support
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S7.9 - Dashboard repair by OBDII for Volvo 2000-2010 year

S7.9 - Dashboard repair by OBDII for Volvo 2000-2010 year

Product Information
CarProg Volvo dashboard repairing software. Additional cables are required - A1+ (A1 PLUS) new generation ODB2 adapter and A21 VOLVO CAN cable.  

With this software you can Read/Write dashboard EEPROM memory by OBDII CAN diagnostic, Read/Write dashboard processor flash by OBDII CAN diagnostic, repair odometer, reset oil service and erase error memory.

Works with these cars: 

  • Volvo V50 2007+ with 9S12 3L16Y micro;
  • Volvo S60, V70, XC60, XC70, XC90 2007+ with 9S12 1K78X micro; HINT: after first programming phase start car engine twice and only after push "OK" on CarProg (CarProg ask just switch ignition ON-OFF)

(without VAT)

Product Code: S7.9

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