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Tech Support
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Ford 6000CD by Visteon car radios decoding tool by OBDII *UPDATED with new radio

Ford 6000CD by Visteon car radios decoding tool by OBDII *UPDATED with new radio

Product Information

With this tool you can decode and repair all Ford Visteon car radios with TMS470 processor inside. Usually these radios serial number start with V (Vxxxxxx).
These car radios have encrypted code in TMS470 processor and 24C16 EEPROM. If EEPROM dump is corrupted or replaced from other radio, radio will stay LOCKED.

Our tool is the easyest way to repair and decode "LOCKED" radios.
Supported all kind radios including Sony Visteon with all processors: TMS470R1VF288PZA, TMS470AVF688APZA, TMS4701VF48BPGEA, TMS470R1VF48B:

- Ford, 1500  Visteon - V series; --- need to make radio hardware modification - see pictures:



- Ford, 5000C Tape  Visteon - V, M series;
- Ford, 6000 CD Single CD  Visteon - V, M series;
- Ford, 6006 CDC Visteon - V series

- Sony MP3 CD3xx for Ford by Visteon - V series;
 Ford V-type decoding tool functions:
  • read original radio code by OBDII;
  • read/write 24C16 EEPROM by OBDII;
  • repair "LOCKED" by OBDII;
  • remove security code by OBDII ( code off function - in this mode car radio can work without car);
  • change security code by OBDII (bad code entry timer will be reseted automatically);




Same functions you can do "on table", just connect +12V, GND, CANH and CANL:



Price: €230.00

Product Code: FORDCODE
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