Mercedes-Benz airbag sensors with 95256 and 95640 eeprom crash cleaner

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How to use Online Crash Cleaner?

  1. Select you car in top menu (e.g. Ford, Mazda, Volvo etc)
  2. Select memory type if required (skip this step if not required)
  3. Click to chose file. (must be *.bin format)
  4. Press 'Upload'
  5. If 'CRASH FOUND' follow information on screen

Select memory type: 95256 eeprom 95640 eeprom


1. Select memory type if necessary
2. Drag and drop your file here


Click here to choose

Information will be available soon
Information will be available soon

Tested with these part numbers:

0285011863, 5WK44634, A1179005800 0285011863 A1179011700 A1179021800, A1179008600 0285011954 A1179011700 A1179023300, A1179009200 0285012055, A1648204526 (0285001894), A2048202285 (5WK44004), A2048706826 (5WK44004), A2048709426 (5WK44318), A2048709526 (5WK44321), A2049012704 (5WK44739), A2049012804 (5WK44742), A2049013402 (5WK44525), A2049013502 (5WK44524), A2049013602 (5WK44527), A2049013702 (5WK44526), A2079011800 (5WK43968), A2079012000, A2128200485 (5WK43871), A2129010700 (5WK43871), A2129014204 (5WK43871)

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