Renault, Dacia, Opel airbag with SPC560P50 processors crash cleaner

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Renault online airbag crash reset service. Crash data reset for airbag modules with SPC560P50 processors. Instant airbag crash erase. You can read this airbags dumps with J-LINK. Use bin files.

How to use Online Crash Cleaner?

  1. Select you car in top menu (e.g. Ford, Mazda, Volvo etc)
  2. Select memory type if required (skip this step if not required)
  3. Click to chose file. (must be *.bin format)
  4. Press 'Upload'
  5. If 'CRASH FOUND' follow information on screen


1. Select memory type if necessary
2. Drag and drop your file here


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How to read and write Renault airbag modules with SPC560P50 processors?

You will need:

Reading procedure:

  1. Connect J-Link to USB and start J-Flash program
  2. Load project file SPC560P50.jflash and set properties like in pictures:
  3. Solder J-Link wires to Renault SRS module like in picture:
  4. Connect external power supply +12V and GND to sensor
  5. Connect J-link programming connector to J-link.
  6. Make backup: read and save all processor data (with all sectors selected). Select "Target"⇨"Read Back"⇨"Selected Sectors"
  7. Read and save SPC560P50 data flash (address 0x800000-0x80FFFF) in .bin format. (File must be 64KB)
  8. Upload this file to our online crash cleaner and clear it.
  9. Load cleared file to J-Flash program, select start address "800000", select "Target"⇨"Program & Verify".

Information will be available soon

Tested with these part numbers:

202040091R, 285580347R, 285584207R, 985100336R, 985100858R, 985101389R, 985101902R, 985102122R, 985103207R, 985103219R, 985103258R, 985105123R, 985106190R, 985108115R

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